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born: april 19, 2018. toronto, canada. conceived by bahia watson and liza paul.

mashup is a feminist bashment circus. fresh, fun, full of island vibes and vaudeville strange, it’s a variety extravaganza.

liza and bahia’s first collaboration was the international sensation pomme is french for apple: “comprised of a series of fast-paced vignettes and original music, pomme is a funny, irreverent, distinctly west indian look at womanhood in all its glorious absurdity, in settings as diverse as the caribbean, southeast london, and the too-tight crotch of the pants.”

mashup follows up on that gyal powah energy and takes it to the circus. under their tent, things are bright and loud and weird and fun and smart. there are always fantastically wonderful guest acts and deceptively delicious cocktails. it’s a night out. it’s for fun.